Workshops + Corporate Wellness

The beliefs that we are not worthy or that we are not enough are false. Yet, when these limiting beliefs becomes the narrative that we repeat to ourselves everyday, it begins to run our experiences. They become the lens through which we perceive our life.

I heard it said, “Life isn’t happening to you, life is happening from you.” In other words, our thoughts create our emotions. Those emotions drive all of our behavior. Our behavior creates our realities. By transforming our beliefs we can, by extension, transform our lives.

All of the workshops that I offer stem from these topics of mindfulness, implicit beliefs, and healing through self-awareness. By combining lectures, hypnosis, and holistic modalities, my mission is to teach others how to live a life that is healthy, fulfilling, and worthwhile.

Some of my past workshops include:

  • MONEYfesting: Mindfulness Tools to Get You Paid!
  • Turning The Mess Into a Message: Mastering Self-Talk for Everyday Stress Management
  • How to Quiet the Doubt and Connect with Your Inner Guide
  • Past Life Regressions: Overcoming Implicit Blocks
  • Confidence and Communication: How To Ask For What You Want
  • Stress Ain’t Sexy, Baby: How to Manage Stress and Create the Sex Life You Desire
  • The Sex Summit Presents: Hypnosis and Body Image
  • Redefining Relationships and Sexual Intimacy
  • You're getting the theme here, yeah? Chances are that if it has to do with mindfulness and transformation, I've likely spoken on it. That said, if you're not seeing what your company or organization needs, here’s what you’re not gonna do: you’re not gonna give up. Here’s what you’re gonna do: shoot me an email and let’s connect! I'd love to create something that's uniquely for you and your tribe.

Past Clients Include: