Workshops + Corporate Wellness

The beliefs that we are not worthy or that we are not enough are false. Yet, when these beliefs become part of our subconscious topography, they begin to run our experiences. They become the lens through which we perceive our life. You see, what we believe largely determines our experiences. I am a stand for empowering those perspectives and shifting out of the limiting beliefs so that life begins to feel good. All of the workshops that I offer range on topics around wellness, self-empowerment, spirituality, and stress management. By combining workshops, hypnosis, and holistic practices, I teach to empower others to live a life that is liberated, fulfilled, and worthwhile.

Some of my past workshops include:

  • MONEYfesting: Mindfulness Tools to Get You Paid!
  • Turning The Mess Into a Message: Mastering Self-Talk for Everyday Stress Management
  • How to Quiet the Doubt and Connect with Your Inner Guide
  • Past Life Regressions
  • Confidence and Communication: How To Ask For What You Want
  • Stress Ain’t Sexy, Baby: How to Manage Stress and Create the Sex Life You Desire
  • The Sex Summit Presents: Hypnosis and Body Image
  • Redefining Relationships and Sexual Intimacy
  • And sooooo many, many more. Not seeing what you need? Here’s what you’re not gonna do: you’re not gonna freak out. Here’s what you’re gonna do: Reach out! Let’s chat about creating something just for you and your tribe.

Past Clients Include: