I’m Debbie Rodriguez, an Intuitive Educator and Spiritual Guide, here to support you in awakening your authenticity and soul medicine within the world. My intention is always to connect you with your Inner Knowing so you can truly delight and trust the life you’re creating. These vlogs are meant to align you with Spirit and your Highest Self so you can claim your space as the Light Leader the world needs you to be.

You don’t just have the light within you. 

You are the light. 

Remember. Shine. We need you. 

Episode 8: Relationships + The Brain

Did you know that when it comes to relationships, our brains only operate from one of two ways! Either to protect or to connect.

We’re exploring the dynamics of our childhood relationship to our caregivers and how it’s influencing our current relationships, be it romantic or platonic. I’ll also be offering tips and guidance around shifting our ineffective patterns within intimacy so that we’re able to create connection through self-awareness, communication, and habits.

Episode 7: Epigenetics II: How to Clear Ancestral Trauma

During this video, we’re learning strategies for clearing our DNA and moving our cellular memories from “I am not safe” to “I am safe.” 

Many of us carry ancestral traumas and narratives that keep our bodies in a stress cycle of flight, fight, or freeze. The intention of this video is to bring awareness to the stories we’re carrying within our physiology and begin shifting it into a vibration that feels good and that supports our overall well-being.

Episode 6: Boundaries 101

This year is the year of stepping into health relationships. To do that, we must understand boundaries and how to begin asserting them.

It certainly takes time and practice to create the shifts you desire, and it’s entirely worth the effort and discomfort that comes with it. In this video, we go allllll in: identifying where boundaries are needed in our relationships as we return to our wholeness. 

Episode 5: Differences in Consciousnesses

We’re chatting paradigm shifts and the differences between 3D, 4D, and 5D consciousness. It’s about understanding your own process of expansion so you can flow with your rhythm instead of against it. Wherever you are in your journey, honor it. You are right on time. You’re not failing, you’re expanding.

Episode 4: Anger: Understanding Boundaries

Anger is our built-in “alarm system” – it reveals to us where boundaries are needed. I this video, I share strategies to support you in navigating this “messy” emotion and harnessing it to create effective change in relationships and self-awareness.

Episode 3: Epigenetic: Understanding Ancestral Trauma

If you’ve been feeling sensitive lately or heightened triggers with your family and close relationships, it’s time to talk epigenetic. In this video, we’ll go over the impact that ancestral trauma has on your physiology, emotions, and energy. I’ll also be offering tools to support you in clearing and recalibrating this old energy so you can access new, healthier patterns and vibrations.

Episode 2: What is Your Emotional Home Base?

One of the ways we self-soothe as adults is by returning to the primary emotions of our caregivers. In this video, I teach you practical ways to begin processing emotions like anger, grief, and sadness and how to cultivate safe space within. In doing so, you open your relationships to new possibilities and emotional experiences.

Much love as you continue your journey to Self and as you reclaim the power you once gave away. You’ve got this. You’re not alone. And you are entirely supported.

Episode 1: Paradigm Shifts

These last few weeks have been incredibly intense and triggering. It feels like old emotions + conversations are suddenly coming to the surface and throwing many of us off. “Am I regressing,” we’ll think, “After all of the healing and transformation, HOW AM I STILL FEELING THIS WAY?!”

Take a breath and check out this short video that explains the current shift in paradigm and what that means. I’ll talk coping mechanisms, surrender, and deepening self-compassion.