Single Session

Cost: $250

Length: 90-minutes 

If you’ve been doing the work, expanding, or shifting old beliefs and paradigms and need clarity and support around next steps, this is a thoughtfully designed space for you. 

During this two hour session, we will explore your implicit beliefs (the stories you created during your childhood) and begin to decipher which support you and which are no longer effective. We will look at the impact these beliefs have had on your coping mechanisms, attachment styles, and relationship dynamics.

We’ll supplement this work with energy clearing and activation. This will support your body to clear ancestral trauma and thereby recalibrate your epigenetics and DNA. We do this through the modalities of Usui and Unitarian reiki as well as Theta Healing. 

Notice that we’ll be working with the mind and body; naturally we will also be incorporating spirit. Through the Akashic Records, I’ll be accessing your past lives, relational karmas, and current soul agreements in order to offer clarity, insight, and support on every level. 


Some of what will be included in our session is:


  • Mind:
    • You’ll receive a personalized hypnosis audio following the session to support you in shifting your limiting subconscious beliefs.
    • Learn new, effective coping strategies to support your current experiences and ensure healthy self-regulation.
    • We’ll go in depth around your childhood experiences as it pertains to your relationships dynamics and patterns. We’ll reframe self-talk and dive into Inner Child Work.


  • Body:
    • The session will include Usui Reiki, Unitarian Reiki, and/or Theta Healing to support your body in clearing any ancestral trauma.
    • We’ll work with the breath and the nervous system to clear out dense emotions, like shame, guilt, or unworthiness.
    • We’ll touch on epigenetics and the influence your family’s experiences have had on your relationships, beliefs, and well-being. We’ll outline new survival strategies to support long-term transformation in your physiological and emotional health.


  • Spirit:
    • Following the energy work, we’ll open your Akashic Records and download any past life experiences or karmic relationships that may be influencing your current circumstances.
    • The Reading will be recorded so you can revisit as needed.
    • We’ll address Shadow Integration, soul purpose, and next steps for shifting your paradigm and creating clarity around your vision.


To book a private session, please be mindful that there is currently a two to three week wait. To register today, you can do so here! 

One-on-One Packages

Wellness Package 1

5 Sessions – $220/session

  • Total: $1,100
  • Payment Plan: 3 payments of $400
  • Total Savings: $150

Wellness Package 2

10 Sessions – $200/session

  • Total: $2,000
  • Payment Plan: 3 payments of $733
  • Total Savings: $500

Please note: Due to the nature of this work, I only take on 10 clients at a time.

To find out my availability and to book a package, connect with me here

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