Theta Healing

During this session, you will identify the beliefs that are creating (and holding) dis-ease and unwanted patterns in your body and in your mind. When you identify what these implicit beliefs are, we can begin to shift and clear them. When you empower the thoughts and emotions that are not contributing to the expansion of your life, you heal the physical body.

Theta Healing incorporates meditation in order to activate the “theta” brain waves, which is where true transformation occurs – in the subconscious realm. By “retraining” your way of thinking, you will begin to fully embrace who you are and release the mindset that no longer serves you on both a conscious and energetic level.

You see – you create what you believe. Only always. Theta Healing allows you to bypass the conscious mind and get to the source of the limiting beliefs. By getting to the root of the issue, you create sustainable and profound transformation. In this way, you can transform deeply held blocks, negative beliefs, and trauma in the unconscious mind. Get that by clearing your neurology, you immediately shift your physiology. The body responds to the mind at every moment; it is important to create healthy belief systems that support your physical wellbeing – rather than criticize or judge your body.

Before your Theta Healing session, I invite you to reflect on what it is about your life that you’d like to transform. Are you seeking better health? Financial abundance? A loving and compatible partner?

The goal of the Theta Healing session is to identify and shift the subconscious programs that are creating the challenge and blocking you from living the life that you desire. We will work together to reconnect you with that part of you that “remembers” who you authentically are so you can begin to live your life from there, rather than from the fear-based identity that you think you are or identify yourself with being due to past experiences.

If your gut is tugging, I invite you to reach out! I offer FREE discovery calls where we can connect + go over any questions or experiences that may be coming up for you. You can text 219.401.0099 or email me at when you’re ready to get started.

Debbie is one of the most eloquent, graceful, and caring people I have ever met. I find her guided meditations so grounding and at the same time uplifting. She has a profound gift and I am a better person having met her.

Ryan Lynch,

This woman is amazing. Her intuition is on point and she provides such clarity. Debbie’s connection and commitment to her clients is rare in Miami. When I’m feeling exhausted or simply want support in reframing my thoughts, Debbie has been incredible. I promise you will be overjoyed when you finish a session with her.

Alison Ferrera,

Debbie is amazing! She is always available when in need and extremely supportive. She has helped me so much in my life for the better and I would recommend her 100% to anyone.

Orchid Garcia,

It was a joyful experience to meet Debbie, she is an incredible human being full of wisdom, love and kindness, I feel that my life will change after meet her.

Claudia Medina,

Meeting Debbie has literally been a life-changing experience for me.  For once in my life I am at a place where I feel grounded and present thanks to her help . From the hypnosis sessions to the incredibly meaningful, energy shifting reiki sessions , Debbie is not only incredibly intuitive but has mentored me to where I needed to be . Her sense of understanding and guidance is so hard to come around , she is truly a natural at what she does and you can see that from a mile away . Not only has she changed my life but I also have friends and family who have began their healing process with her as well and they are all taken back by her abilities and wisdom . Sooo thankful to come across someone who actually cares and devotes themselves to helping and clearing others. Worth every single penny .. thank you Debbie !!!

Belen Montenegro,

Debbie is the real deal. After hearing several testimonials from friends about how talented she is, I was finally able to feel & see her magic first-hand. From the moment you step into her space, Debbie makes you feel comfortable. During and after our session, I felt energized, calm, and ready to step further into who I am meant to be. Her reading was spot-on and remarkably accurate. Debbie is kind, generous, and open. I highly recommend seeing her for Reiki.

Ashley Prado,

Debbie helped me overcome so much. I would not be in such a great place in my life right now if I didn’t invest the money/time to see her. I had seen therapist and teachers before her who would just tell me what I need to do without helping me get the root on why I’m struggling with my issues. I was so impressed because Debbie personalized our sessions to help me with what I needed and helped me get to the root of my issues. She was one of the only people who could really help me break through with everything! One of my biggest struggles was with self worthiness which affected all the areas of my life. I have a very busy schedule because I’m an entrepreneur but I also have a full time job at the moment. I thought I wouldn’t have the time to meet with her but she was able to work with me on scheduling. Because of the work I’ve done with her, my business and job has flourished (Time invested was worth it). She’s super patient and one of the most non judgemental people I’ve ever met. If you’re considering seeing Debbie, I would highly recommend it!

Diane Knapp,

Thank you Debbie! You have an extraordinary GIFT! I went in full of anxiety and you transformed me with just the first session and gave me PEACE! You reminded me of the person I was and am becoming again. You did more for me over our short time together than a series of medical doctors could throughout the last 15 months. I don't know what else to say but I know that I cannot say enough to express how helpful this experience has been. Thank you!!!

Marissa Sanchez,

I've been working with Debbie for almost a year and I can say that she has changed my life. I've never met a therapist that provides the level of support, guidance and compassion I've found with Debbie, and will be forever grateful for her help to overcome my challenges. She made me feel heard and helped me open doors that I didn't even know existed. I highly recommend her!

Lilian Santini,

There are no words to fully describe the abilities this majestically talented spiritual healer has! I recommend her to EVERYONE! When you enter her space you instantly feel peace, joy, excitement and compassion and that is the space she creates, imagine when she gets to work on you! Without words she can breakdown what doesn’t work to build you back up even stronger! Make an appointment you will never be the same.

Zahaira Malave,

Debbie has supported me in reclaiming my spirituality, which has been such a beautiful, personal journey. She is a wonderful and patient teacher, and I am honored to have become a Reiki Master under her guidance. Debbie and my experiences with her have been such gifts to my life. I look forward to continuing to support such a kind, passionate, remarkable human being. Thank you for the gift you are to this world.

Lukkas Wolf,

Debbie is a natural born healer. Just entering into her proximity is an incredible and undeniable shift in state of energy and in being. I have had the pleasure of becoming a Reiki Master under her guidance and cultivation. Her dedication, her commitment, her passion goes beyond that of a trade, a profession or a career, she has made  this: healing and service, her life. She invests in each and every person that crosses her path and gives her all. She has mission and vision and takes you by the hand bringing you face to face with your own and lifts each and every person up high, to stand in their power and tap into what is already so clearly there and bursting to come out. I can not recommend Debbie enough, she will touch your life in ways you never thought possible and open your eyes to things you didn’t ever think could be seen.

Melissa Velar,

I had reiki with Debbie and it blew up my life and my heart in the juiciest, sweetest way possible. This woman is magic. Her intuition and her gifts gave me insight into my life and my path in such a loving way that felt deeply raw and true. I can't thank her enough for this experience and for what it's already unlocking in me. ❤

Gaby Guzman,

Debbie is truly an amazing coach.  I came in with a goal and we were able to look into many different aspects of my life to see how to achieve what i was looking for. She is empowering and is able to help make connections that you may not have thought about before.  Debbie is very skilled and creates an environment where you feel safe and comfortable.

Camille Brugnara,

Debbie Rodriguez, is an absolutely fabulous hypnotist and practitioner. She is insightful, caring and very dedicated to the patient's personal growth and development. She addresses the issues directly and in a positive and directed manner to achieve results in a very constructive manner.  Thank you so very much!

Ana Martin,

My experience with Debbie has been amazing. I was hesitant at first about the session yet she gently guided me through explaining the entire process. After my session I felt calm and relaxed, ready to take on the world. We've had a few sessions and each one has been exceptional. Debbie is a talented practitioner and I'm thankful our paths have crossed.

Patricia Hernandez,

Debbie is one of those souls that one is lucky enough to come across once in a blue moon. Working with her in therapy has been incredibly empowering and eye-opening. I'm so grateful for the immense amount of introspection that I've achieved in such a short amount of time, that's largely due to her guidance (& my willingness to open up). This process is something I wish everyone could experience. Thank you, Debbie!!

Michelle Garcia,

Debbie is in a league of her own. My reiki sessions with her have surpassed any possible expectation I could have had. It's a reiki session, psychic reading, metaphysical lesson and life coach session all in one. Her professionalism, passion, and energy are enthralling and her exceptional commitment to her field emanates from everything she does. Her sessions changing. She has a gift that is unparalleled to anyone I know. I wish I could give 100 stars.

Joan Nordhagen,

I cried. I cried not in pain, or hurt, or sadness, but in release. It was my first time meeting Debbie, but in her amazing capable hands, I was able to go to a place of happiness and release. The staff and the facility was second to none, and everyone made me feel so welcome and comfortable. Debbie is very gifted and skilled. She has a beautiful melodic voice that causes you to feel at ease and trust the experience instantly. I am so thankful for this session and will definitely be back again!  

Courtney Palmer,