Helping magical folks, like you and me, heal and empower their identity and self-talk is my soft spot. Why? Because once you accept who you are and celebrate it, the world will begin to shape into what we all need it to be. This 90-minute session is for those looking to finally venture into their true self and heal the fear, anger, and self-rejection often associated with vulnerability and self-esteem. Working primarily with your energetic body, I’ll clear your chakras – or energy centers – of any energy that no longer serves you. This creates a space that will nurture and promote self-growth, healing, and empowerment.

During the session, I channel Reiki energy and work with it to harmonize and cleanse the four bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This session is beneficial to those who want to move forward but feel weighed down by thoughts and energies that are no longer in alignment with where they’re trying to go. You’ll leave feeling recharged, re-energized, and organically refreshed.

This session includes:

  • Energy cleansing
  • Chakra balancing
  • Energy + karmic reading following your session

My message is simple: You are the one you have been searching for. I will work closely with you to empower your identity while honoring your beliefs. Stand up for who you are. You deserve it. You are enough.

To schedule a FREE consultation, text 219.401.0099 or email me at Find out if you’d benefit from a reiki session. Find out if I’m a match for you.

It was a joyful experience to meet Debbie, she is an incredible human being full of wisdom, love and kindness, I feel that my life will change after meet her.

Claudia Medina,

Meeting Debbie has literally been a life-changing experience for me.  For once in my life I am at a place where I feel grounded and present thanks to her help . From the hypnosis sessions to the incredibly meaningful, energy shifting reiki sessions , Debbie is not only incredibly intuitive but has mentored me to where I needed to be . Her sense of understanding and guidance is so hard to come around , she is truly a natural at what she does and you can see that from a mile away . Not only has she changed my life but I also have friends and family who have began their healing process with her as well and they are all taken back by her abilities and wisdom . Sooo thankful to come across someone who actually cares and devotes themselves to helping and clearing others. Worth every single penny .. thank you Debbie !!!

Belen Montenegro,

Debbie is the real deal. After hearing several testimonials from friends about how talented she is, I was finally able to feel & see her magic first-hand. From the moment you step into her space, Debbie makes you feel comfortable. During and after our session, I felt energized, calm, and ready to step further into who I am meant to be. Her reading was spot-on and remarkably accurate. Debbie is kind, generous, and open. I highly recommend seeing her for Reiki.

Ashley Prado,