Hypnosis is a safe and natural state of focus and rapid learning. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, meaning that you can be hypnotized if you want to be. All of us are capable of hypnosis, in fact we experience it everyday. I bet you’re thinking, “Wait…what?” It’s true! When you zone out while driving and get home with no recollection of the drive, that’s “highway hypnosis.”

My hypnosis program is geared towards deep and lasting transformation.  Hypnosis is a modality that I incorporate into our coaching sessions to bridge clients into their subconscious beliefs and limitations. I get that every person is unique so the hypnosis is customized to your concerns, behavioral patterns, and limiting beliefs. We first talk through your experiences, your story, and your past. This allows us to unearth what some of those blocks may be. This creates conscious awareness around the challenges you’re looking to overcome. The hypnosis then serves as a supplemental tool to create shifts in the deep-rooted, subconscious thought patterns.

In the years that I have been practicing hypnosis, I have found time and time again that many of the emotional and/or behavioral issues experienced by my clients are symptoms of underlying issues that have not been addressed. For example, someone struggling with overeating may be using weight as a way of remaining as “invisible as possible.” Perhaps the root issues is feeling as though they are not enough. The weight keeps people from getting too close because “I do not want to be rejected. If I let them in and they see all of me and realize that I am not good enough, it will devastate me. I’d rather keep the weight on instead of dealing with that kind of rejection.” For this reason, a new dietary routine or ongoing exercises may not have the kind of results that they want. Why? Because they’re addressing symptoms, not the root of what’s going on. Quite often, the real problem is a disempowering belief or thought pattern that has negative emotional and behavioral consequences. When we resolve the real problem, the symptoms disappear more quickly and easily than most people believe is possible. Our mission is simple: change how you think, and you feel better and do better.

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Debbie helped me overcome so much. I would not be in such a great place in my life right now if I didn’t invest the money/time to see her. I had seen therapist and teachers before her who would just tell me what I need to do without helping me get the root on why I’m struggling with my issues. I was so impressed because Debbie personalized our sessions to help me with what I needed and helped me get to the root of my issues. She was one of the only people who could really help me break through with everything! One of my biggest struggles was with self worthiness which affected all the areas of my life. I have a very busy schedule because I’m an entrepreneur but I also have a full time job at the moment. I thought I wouldn’t have the time to meet with her but she was able to work with me on scheduling. Because of the work I’ve done with her, my business and job has flourished (Time invested was worth it). She’s super patient and one of the most non judgemental people I’ve ever met. If you’re considering seeing Debbie, I would highly recommend it!

Diane Knapp,

Thank you Debbie! You have an extraordinary GIFT! I went in full of anxiety and you transformed me with just the first session and gave me PEACE! You reminded me of the person I was and am becoming again. You did more for me over our short time together than a series of medical doctors could throughout the last 15 months. I don't know what else to say but I know that I cannot say enough to express how helpful this experience has been. Thank you!!!

Marissa Sanchez,

I've been working with Debbie for almost a year and I can say that she has changed my life. I've never met a therapist that provides the level of support, guidance and compassion I've found with Debbie, and will be forever grateful for her help to overcome my challenges. She made me feel heard and helped me open doors that I didn't even know existed. I highly recommend her!

Lilian Santini,

There are no words to fully describe the abilities this majestically talented spiritual healer has! I recommend her to EVERYONE! When you enter her space you instantly feel peace, joy, excitement and compassion and that is the space she creates, imagine when she gets to work on you! Without words she can breakdown what doesn’t work to build you back up even stronger! Make an appointment you will never be the same.

Zahaira Malave,