Akashic Readings

I hold that every single one of us volunteers to reincarnate in this life. By agreeing to reincarnate into this lifetime we bring certain beliefs, patterns, fears and karmic experiences with us. Being unaware of these restrictions can create blockages in our lives.

​The Akashic Records uncover the reasons behind these patterns, beliefs and blockages by removing their underlying causes. In this session, I work with you to understand and let go of these limiting beliefs and energies. This new consciousness and awareness opens you up to new ways of dealing with challenges and karmically-based situations. In this way, you are able to expand to your full potential and create the best possible potentiality for your future.

Throughout your reading, you will receive healing in Reiki form, to support you in bypassing your ego’s resistance to change. As a result, you will move more lovingly through the experience feeling grounded and balanced.

This Akashic Record Consultation will be facilitated by opening your records with a Sacred Prayer. Assisted by your questions, a dialog will unfold in which information from the Akashic will come through to support, guide and balance you and your life. Details about your past may or may not come forward depending upon their relevance to your present situation. The Masters and Teachers are here to help you to work through patterns and blockages that hold you back from experiencing your full potentials for growth, joy, harmony and direction.

My commitment to you is to mediate openly and clearly between you and your Guides, I say only that which I channel directly from the Masters and Teachers. I am guided by your questions, intentions and comments and intend to be as authentic as possible. All information is offered with the intention of supporting you in a shift of your consciousness and energy patterns to create inner peace and breakthrough in your life. The energetic vibration received during this consultation will allow you to make adjustments in your free will for healing, change and choice. You will feel a profound impact at your energetic and soul level.

Areas that may be considered during a consultation:

  • Life purpose – What did you choose to learn in this lifetime?
  • Relationships – How can you create love and fulfillment in your relationships? Are their soul contracts being completed?
  • Couples counseling – How can you learn to live in peace and harmony with your partner?
  • Releasing blockages, addictions and conflicts – How do you unknowingly create conflict? Why do you constantly experience the same unwanted results?
  • Health issues – What is the real reason for the illness? How can you let go of it?
  • Manifestations – How can you create the life you desire? What keeps you from creating the wealth you desire?

At the end of your consultation, after you have gained awareness of the reasons for your challenges, you will receive tools and advice to help you manifest new, healthy patterns in your life. As a result, it will be easier for you to experience sustainable transformation in your life and self-talk.

To schedule a session, text 219.401.0099 or email me at debbie@debbiemagic.com. Find out if you’d benefit from an Akashic reading!

This woman is amazing. Her intuition is on point and she provides such clarity. Debbie’s connection and commitment to her clients is rare in Miami. When I’m feeling exhausted or simply want support in reframing my thoughts, Debbie has been incredible. I promise you will be overjoyed when you finish a session with her.

Alison Ferrera,

Debbie is amazing! She is always available when in need and extremely supportive. She has helped me so much in my life for the better and I would recommend her 100% to anyone.

Orchid Garcia,