– I leverage holistic treatments as a platform for individuals & communities to gain self-awareness & self-empowerment.  I customize workshops to support clients on challenges ranging from performance anxiety to relationship issues to stress management.

– By fusing hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and holistic treatments, I support women & men to identify & overcome limiting core beliefs that manifest as unhealthy patterns & behaviors.

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Online Masterminds

– It’s time to step into a raw, powerful community of magical, supportive women and men all year long. Welcome to a community of mindful folx who are real, soulful, passionate and spiritual. BeWitched is a monthly online membership  that supports you wherever you are in your wellness and spiritual journey with customized hypnosis audios, worksheets, and accountability.

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Reiki Classes

– These certification classes offer a hands-on approach to energy work.  I invite you to participate in an intense, deep, and transformative half-day workshop where you will receive a Course Manual as well as a Usui Reiki Certification Diploma that will allow you to treat clients.

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