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The Witching Hour

I am grateful and honored to be offering this group experience to women who are ready to master their lives by mastering their energy and mindset. So why call it The Witching Hour? Well, because history deemed midnight the hour when medicine women, like us, would gather together in hiding and share our magic. I’m opening this coven to only 5 women twice a year so we can cultivate this ancient practice of sisterhood and intuition. This will be an intimate, awakened, and safe container for expansion to occur on a mind, body, and spirit level.

Whatever brought you here, take a moment to cozy into your chair and discover if this little corner of tribe magic is right for you.

Want to step into far more manifestation with your magic and abilities?


Tired of nurturing an inner dialogue that keeps you blocked and unfulfilled?


Ready to expand your energetic gifts, career, and relationships to the next level but don’t know how?

If you’re feeling an intuitive pull to learn how to harness your energy and leverage your practices to wield far more influence in your life but you have no idea where or how to begin, this may be the support and guidance you’ve been calling into your life.

It is possible to radically increase the amount of really good stuff that you’ll allow yourself to create in your life by shifting your negative unconscious beliefs. 

It is possible to feel safe in your intuition and develop your psychic gifts and weave them into your day-to-day life.

The Witching Hour is a 6-month psycho-spiritual program that will bring clarity around your Highest Self so you can learn to work with this vibration rather than limiting yourself to old beliefs and habits that keep you disconnected from divine flow. Each month, space will be held for you to clear ancestral trauma and fear-based conditioning and access your true soul purpose and power. It’s a space to untangle your abilities and intuition so you can work with it instead of getting overwhelmed by it. This coven is an intimate, awakened, and safe container for expansion to occur on a mind, body, and spirit level. More than a practice or learning, it is a sisterhood and a connection that opens you to possibility, intuition, and sacred feminine energy.


By “retraining” your way of thinking, I can show you how to fully embrace and heal your spirituality and your identity – one is fundamental to the other. By working on both, you will release the mindsets that no longer serve you and begin to express yourself confidently and happily. 


Think about a time when you were excited to move forward with a project – something that brought you so much joy. You had a clear vision and you saw yourself step into it.

When you have the right motivation and connection to what you are doing, nothing can stop you.

That is what step into abundance feels like.



These monthly half-day masterminds include guidance in the emotional, intellectual, and energetic bodies so that you feel supported in all domains of your life. After all, the way you do one thing in your life is the way you do most things in your life. Breathing magic into your life gets to look like holding space for all parts of you. All. Parts. The messy, the brave, the curious, the vulnerable, and the scary parts. And letting go of any resistance or judgement you’ve placed on yourself through consistency and practice. 



This has a lot to do with how willing you are to expand and transform your inner landscape – we do this by going in depth with spiritual practices like hypnosis + soundbowls, leveraging moon phases, and utilizing crystals for specific purposes and rituals. This will supplement the work we’re doing around your self-trust and your vision. We will marry pragmatic theory and action so that you always feel you know what you’re doing in your magical practice and day-to-day.



I can hardly believe how amazing this group of people is. I’ve never seen another group where the conversation is so heartfelt, intelligent, and inspiring. The group is limited to five women, which allows it to become an intimate tribe experience complete with accountability and support. The mastermind includes a private Facebook group that allows us to stay in touch throughout the month!



The power is in you. I’m going to show you how to take off the societal sludge that’s been blocking it. This mastermind is a space where we come together to strip back the limiting beliefs and patterns that are keeping you from stepping into your vision of a level ten life. I support you with audios, coaching, and feedback as you navigate life outside of your comfort zone so you don’t feel overwhelmed or discouraged.



How The Course Works:

The program will be 6-months long during which we will deepen your mental, emotional, energetic, and psychic connection to Self and Source. Here’s the breakdown of the flow:

  • We will meet together once a month for a 5-hour half-day to learn about that month’s topic. Topics include:
    • How to read + work with your Akash + Teachers
    • Inner Child Work + Reparenting
    • Shadow Integration: What that looks like on an energetic, physiological, and emotional level (ex: nervous system regulation, clearing + blocking energy, communication skills, etc)
    • Level one Usui Reiki + basic Unitarian Reiki symbology
    • Your Human Design chart: Understand your Self so you can design a life and business in alignment with your unique flow
    • You soul purpose + past life gifts + abilities
    • Ancestral clearing of epigenetics: How to clear generational trauma from your body and psyche
  • 1 60-minute group Q&A call each month to check-in and get guidance and support along the way
  • I will be bringing in one new expert each month to support your body, mind, and spirit in your expansion and recalibration 
  • A private Facebook group where you can share and connect with your coven
  • A Whatsapp thread where we can all stay in touch and update each other on our progress and experiences


Each month we will be working with different experts to support you with that month’s topic. I have thoughtfully selected these women because I’ve experienced their magic firsthand. In addition to having access to them for one half-day a month, you’ll also get to schedule a 45-minute private session with each expert (that’s 5 private sessions in total, spread throughout 6-months!). They are:

Lina Acosta, Inner Child & Reparenting Expert

Lina is bringing her expertise as a Clinical Psychologist trained in mental health, child + adolescent development, interpersonal neuro-biology, and trauma-focused treatments. “What the hell does that mean, Deb?” It means she’ll be teaching you how to connect with your Inner Child and understand her coping mechanisms, implicit beliefs (aka the fear-based beliefs that you made up as a child), and survival mechanisms. By guiding you to understand your trauma and/or unresolved childhood experiences, you’ll be better equipped to foster healthy boundaries, effective coping mechanisms, and psychospiritual/somatic tools to heal and empower your relationship with YOU. 

**Her private sessions were regularly priced at $300 per session. She is no longer taking on private clients, so it’s incredible that she’s bringing her support to this group. Best part? You’ll be getting access to her for free (her fees are covered within your monthly investment).

You can learn more about this powerhouse, brilliant woman here.

Adrianna Foster, Soul Purpose Astrologist

Adrianna is my go-to when it comes to understanding my astrology and the influence it’s having on my experiences and energy. She will be offering a private astrological reading during which she’ll access your natal chart and connect with your guides and teachers. During the reading, she will offer insight into your soul purpose and work here on Earth. She will walk you through your 2020 chart so you can plan your year with clarity and achieve your vision by setting yourself up for success (notice how this would flow beautifully with Mo’s offering). Her astrological reading will guide you to reconnect with your soul vision and bring clarity around any blockages that may be showing up that are keeping you from fulfilling that purpose, be it from this lifetime or past lifetimes. You will learn how to align your karma, work, and energy to your soul purpose. 

**Her private sessions are regularly priced at $300 per reading. You’ll be getting access to her for free (her fees are covered within your monthly investment).

To learn more about this astrological intuitive, check her out here.

Monique Catoggio, Fire & Flow Expert

Mo works with the wisdom of the 5 elements, Chinese medicine, and Feng Shui astrology to create your unique flow archetype and the energies that will be guiding your year. This helps you to understand the cycle of energy that you’ll be in–both the “season” of the year and your month-to-month energy.

She will be working with ancient practices – like archetypal acupuncture –  to show you how you best think, feel, connect, and act in life, and how to heal, harmonize and succeed using specific energy pathways (like the meridians in your body) guiding your life in 2020. This is different from just setting resolutions and hoping you’ll accomplish them. Instead, it gives you your customized Flow Roadmap–so that you’re not only achieving goals, but you’re doing so in a way that brings you harmony. 

**Her private sessions are regularly priced at $297 per session. You’ll be getting access to her for free (her fees are covered within your monthly investment).

You can learn more about this modern medicine woman here.

Jess Bubbico, Human Design Expert

Jess is an Intuitive Medium + Educator dedicated to teaching intuitive cultivation for personal empowerment. This queen will be working with you to access and read your Human Design chart. In a nutshell, Human Design is a logical system that brings together principles of The I Ching, astrology, Kabbalah, Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, and quantum physics. It offers a map, or a manual, that indicates how you are unique as a person, and guides you in living in a manner that is in sync with who you are. During the reading, you’ll get feedback around how your personality and psychology influences your work ethic, accountability, energy, physiology, and manifestation style. In this way, she will also be deepening your awareness of Self so you can design your life around your flow and maximize your energy and talents. 

**Her private sessions are regularly priced at $250 per reading. You’ll be getting access to her for free (her fees are covered within your monthly investment).

To learn more about this magical, intuitive queen, check her out here.

As for me, in addition to facilitating this journey, I will also be offering you and the 4 other women the following:

  • Level one of Usui + Unitarian reiki – you’ll learn how to start working with your own body and reiki energy to clear ancestral energy, beliefs, and fears. Usui reiki is the traditional, masculine counterpart to Unitarian reiki, which works with the feminine energies. (These two levels combined would usually be $400)
  • Level one of Akashic reading – you’ll learn how to access and work with your own Akash and guides. (This course is regularly priced at $197)



The program is $597/month for 6 months

As you know, my private sessions alone are $350. You’ll be getting me for 5 hours each month (4-hour half-day + 1-hour Q+A call) in addition to the 5 private sessions with the coven experts.

Normally, this kind of program would be over $2000/month! You’d be getting it for a quarter of that. Um, YEAH. You can shimmy, it’s really something special!

I’ll wrap up with this: I am creating a coven and sisterhood of women in the same path as you, so we can support each other, feel alone in our expansion doesn’t work anymore. I know you’ve been awakening and cultivating your inner goddess and for that reason I think this could be a powerful next step for you. I do invite you to sit with your own guides and intuition and see if this is aligned to your flow right now.

In the meantime, sign up for The Witching Hour list using the button on this page – that way I can let you know exactly when it will next become available for registration. Because of the work we’ll be doing throughout the program, it will only be offered twice a year.

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