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I am offering all of my resources around Akashic Readings + How to Open Your Records for only $47. A reflection of the call that I’ve been having to share what my Teacher taught me many years ago: how to connect with this Great Mystery and develop your intuitive gifts, karmic medicines, and soul purpose. If your gut is telling you to buy, I want you to be able to go for it. Love wins.

The Akashic Records Bundle

  • 8-page module that includes exercises, handouts, and readings to support your mastery and understanding of the Records
  • A recorded hypnosis audio to connect you with the energy of the Records and anchor its vibration onto your auric and physical fields
  • Curated videos where I teach you how to work with the Mayan prayer to transform energy, tap into past lives, work with ancestors, and manifest deliberately

By activating your intuition and anchoring into the Records, you’re able to tap into this Mystery and learn how to:

  • Connect with your Ancestors for guidance and clearing
  • Learn soul karmas and the lessons you came to receive
  • Work with your Soul Council to activate your soul medicine and purge outdated, inherited traumas and patterns
  • Get clarity around current relationships and life experiences so you can make effective decisions for yourself at this time in your soul journey

Remember you don’t just have the light within you. You are the light. When you feel guided to develop your intuition, this is my way of supporting your soul call.


Compassion + Self-Talk: How to Befriend Your Ego

So you wanna learn how to shift from being your biggest critic to your biggest ally? To support action around self-love and self-care, I created this course to guide folks who want to connect with their hearts but feel uncomfortable and unsafe in their emotions. Perhaps there’s a lot of judgment or grief or pain that surfaces when you drop into your heart. Perhaps you feel helpless, impotent, or anxious in this emotional space. This module teaches you how to self-soothe as you navigate some of the heavier stuff (especially when the overwhelm is going on within – in self-talk and self-judgement).

Along with learning how to support YOU, you’ll learn how to make clear requests from others (yeah, you get to be supported by others too). This is about opening your creativity up to what self-care and support could look like. You’ll have a better idea of how to continue building intimacy with yourself through committed action. This supports the doingness around honoring yourself.

This module includes:

  1. 1 25-minute hypnosis audio for reclaiming your power and reconnecting with your Inner Child.
  2. A 9-page manual filled with resources and exercises to support you in cultivating self-compassion.
  3. Practical action items and tools to shift and empower your behavior. You get to walk the talk, love. This manual teaches you how.
  4. Learn basic breathwork to ground yourself and manage your body’s stress response.
  5. A deeper understanding of the ego, the Shadow, and the Inner Child, Know the distinctions between them and how they can support you now.

Activating the Sacred Feminine: How to Get Out of Your Head + Into Your Heart

This course’s purpose is to support you in creating trust and safe space with yourself. It’s for the analyzers who “don’t know how to do self-love” but sure as hell are committed to figuring it out. If you find that your mind is constantly judging and belittling your desires, this course can help. It walks you through the steps to transforming the relationship between your head and heart. Learn how to use your mind to support your heart, rather than shame your heart.

This module offers support in two ways:

1. It is filled with practical tools that you can use RIGHT NOW to begin shifting your mindset in sustainable and effective ways, and
2. It includes a series of action items to teach you how to create new behaviors that support your heart desires.

The module comes with a manual to walk you through exercises and mindfulness practices that will not only transform your self-talk but help you to heal your unhealthy patterns. I get it, you’re in your head a lot. So this manual meets you there: in your thoughts. It’s practical and supportive all at once. That’s the point. It also includes a 25-minute hypnosis audio to guide your subconscious mind to release limiting, fear-based beliefs about your heart. It will supplement the mindfulness you are cultivating in your day-to-day self-talk.

Hypnosis Audios + Guided Meditations

Healing Your Inner Child

Learn how to empower and heal your self-talk by reconnecting with your Inner Child (or ego) and creating a relationship of trust and self-awareness. By focusing on the root of the issue, the audio hones in on the subconscious fears and blocks that may be manifesting as self-judgment and anxiety.

Activating + Connecting to Your Sacred Feminine

Through the use of hypnosis and NLP, this audio supports you in pinpointing your core limiting beliefs around trusting your heart. This 25-minute guided meditation shifts your self-talk from “I don’t trust my heart” to “I am safe and I am significant now.”

Building Self Confidence Hypnosis

This 25-minute audio is about shifting out of being your greatest critic to being your biggest ally. It shifts the way you perceive yourself so you can show up in a mindset of worthiness and go after the life you desire. You are capable of it, you just get to believe that you are.