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Hi lovely,

My name is Debbie Rodriguez and I am a Miami-based “bruja” dedicated to empowering you and others like you to consciously create life on your terms. I do this through coaching, reiki + energy work, Akashic readings, and hypnosis.

I’ve learned that our families create the foundation for our conditioning. This conditioning is filled with (unintentional) limiting beliefs that have been passed down. I’ve also learned that in order to create sustainable transformation, we must shift our fear-based programming and maladaptive coping mechanisms. 

If you’ve found my page, you’ve chosen to go beyond your conditioning. My mission is to support you to become conscious to the scripts and the voices that created the lens through which you see the world. This lens dictates the choices you make and the choices you make create your life experience.

My role is to hold space for you to step out of an unconscious state of habitual reaction and step into the spiritual path of surrender. It’s the path of going inward and finding a connection to the most important voice you needed to disconnect from in order to survive: your own. 




In this 2-hour session, I work with your energy to clear any ancestral trauma, energetic blocks, or stagnant emotions that you’re carrying in your body. The purpose of this session is to support you in aligning your physiology with your present consciousness.

By supporting the body and mind, we’re able to resolve karmic patterns that may have been preventing greater expansion and transformation in your life.

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This program is for those looking to venture deeper into their true self and release any implicit fear-based beliefs that may be blocking you on a subconscious level. We work with the mind to surface childhood beliefs and narratives that may be influencing your current relationships and experiences. By incorporating hypnosis + Neuro-Linguistic Programming, this offering supports sustainable + long-term transformation. 

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Working with your Teachers, Masters, and Ancestors through the Akashic is my soft spot. Why? Because once you begin to accept and celebrate who we are, the world will begin to shape into what we all need it to be.

This session is offered in-person + virtually and allows you to connect with your soul council in order to get guidance, clarity, and support around your karmic relationships + present circumstances. 

What is the Akasha?

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